Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Is the World Cup a breath of stale air?

Welcome to my first blog

Hey two days to go until the biggest tournament in the World and I am feeling it! The world cup is here! All the African girls are going over the high number of European and South American men. Damn when I am seeing all these nice sexy woman? I wanna see them! maybe I'll see them when I visit the fan parks!

Its true that FIFA are running the country now and I an glad they are? This means the president can sought out his personal life.  The World has arrived in our beloved country and we are more than ready to handle the world.

Am a child of the ghetto and am proud to say that the world will be chilling in my back yard while eating McDonald's. I can't wait to see you arriving at work drunk after a hectic night at the game!

You are more than welcomed to comment! This is just a starter I look forward to hearing from you and look out for more Big Questions!!

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