Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Are you ready for the world?

Its been less than a week since the world landed on our door step!

I find it strange that I am still in shock that the World cup is here! bid up to Bafana for a kick ass performance against Mexico. Honestly speaking the World Cup did not start smoothly! Hey that opening ceremony was beautiful kinda shead a tear. I watched the opening cerermony at Inners free park in Sandton. Damn was it full! I am disappointed at the lack of basic services at that fan park! I saw the toilets but I did not get too use one because it was so packed! I couldn't get food or drinks (beers). I wish that all these minor issues can be soughted out by June 16th when South Africa kicks Urugauy ass.

If you are a Rea Vaya bus driver please do us a favour and get with the programme. Stop striking while the World  is having fun in our beloved country! An illegal strike nogal!

To those who are selling black market tickets FIFA (South African government until the tournament ends) is pissed at you and is coming for your punk asses! To those who go to the games to pick pockets! You are also being watched very carefully!

Lets enjoy the rest of this wonderful tournament!

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