Monday, September 6, 2010

Why do woman bitch about break-ups??

So here I am chilling minding my own business, this girl comes up to me and starts talking bad about her boy friend. So here I am stuck with this girl who's just bitching about how much her man broke her heart and his an asshole,idiot and all the bad words you can think of.

Ok am a cool guy, I have broad shoulders but i didn't like the way she talked down on us. Am a good guy and I do not like it when women bad mouth men. The fact that there is a general idea that men are dogs. The thing is that women bitch every chance they can get, and these chick flicks are not helping. These movies fuel girls with anger and hate against the male species.My problem is that ladies you do not realize that men have feelings to.Yes its hard for us to show you our feelings but the moment we show our feelings and you know that we love you, girls simply take advantage of that and use those very  feelings against us.

Yes as a guy i agree that we mess things up sometimes but that does not mean we don't have feelings. We choose to hide them because the moment we show them, women do not appreciate them.

Now I've just bitched about women? WTF??? lets start talking to each other and not bitching about each other.


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